[Numpy-discussion] Use of PyViennaCL on multi-core?

Toby St Clere Smithe pyviennacl at tsmithe.net
Mon May 19 10:40:36 EDT 2014

Hi Neal,

Neal Becker <ndbecker2 at gmail.com> writes:
> Typically, I have multiple CPU cores running in 'trivial parallel'
> mode - each running an independent point of a monte-carlo simulation.
> Could multiple processes multiplex use of a single GPU, using
> PyViennaCL?

As long as your OpenCL implementation allows more than one process to
access the compute device simultaneously, I don't see why this shouldn't
work. I just made a basic test of this using nVidia's OpenCL
implementation by running two PyViennaCL processes at once, and nothing
went awry. ViennaCL has fairly loose object ownership requirements, so I
expect you'd even be able to pass objects between the processes as long
as the pointers were maintained.

I'd be interested to hear how this goes.


Toby St Clere Smithe

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