[Numpy-discussion] Renaming OSX wheels on pypi to make them more general

Matthew Brett matthew.brett at gmail.com
Fri May 30 17:17:04 EDT 2014


This is actually for both of numpy and scipy.

I would like to rename the current OSX wheels on pypi so that they
will be installed by default on system python, homebrew, macports, as
well as Python.org Python.

At the moment, they will only be found and installed by default by
Python.org Python.

For reasons explained here:


and confirmed with testing here:


- OSX wheels built for Python.org python do in fact work correctly for
the homebrew, macports and system python.

In fact, future versions of pip will very likely offer the Python.org
OSX wheels for installation on these other systems by default:


Renaming the wheels just adds the 'platform tag' for these other
versions of Python to the wheel name, so pip sees they are compatible.

For example, I propose to rename the current numpy wheel from:




I think this is only an improvement to the current situation, in that
users of pip on these other OSX systems will get a fast binary install
rather than a slow compiled install.

Any comments?



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