[Numpy-discussion] skip samples in random number generator

Brad Buran bburan at alum.mit.edu
Thu Oct 2 11:42:46 EDT 2014

Given the following:

from numpy import random
rs = random.RandomState(seed=1)
# skip the first X billion samples
x = rs.uniform(0, 10)

How do I accomplish "skip the first X billion samples" (e.g. 7.2
billion)?  I see that there's a numpy.random.RandomState.set_state
which accepts (among other parameters) a value called "pos".  This
sounds promising, but the other parameters I'm not sure how to compute
(e.g. the 1D array of 624 unsigned integers, etc.).  I need to be able
to skip ahead in the sequence to reproduce some signals that were
generated for experiments.  I could certainly consume and discard the
first X billion samples; however, that seems to be computationally


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