[Numpy-discussion] Any interest in a generalized piecewise function?

Per.Brodtkorb at ffi.no Per.Brodtkorb at ffi.no
Mon Oct 13 03:56:43 EDT 2014

Ok, I will open a pull request. But before I do so, I would like to know what kind of  pull request to make.
Ideally I think the call signature for piecewise should be like this:

def piecewise(condlist, funclist, xi=None, fillvalue=numpy.nan, args=(), **kw):

or this:

def piecewise(condlist, funclist, xi=None, args=(), **kw):

The reason why I think so is that if funclist is a list of scalars then xi is not needed as input and logically should be placed as an optional third argument to the function and not as the first as numpy.piecewise currently does.

Any of those two call signatures will break with the current one in numpy.piecewise.
So is this new call signature desirable enough that we want to break backwards compatibility?

Or should I just keep the current callsignature:

def piecewise(xi, condlist, funclist, *args, **kw):

in the pull request?

Per A.

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On 10.10.2014 11:34, Per.Brodtkorb at ffi.no wrote:
> I have worked on a generalized piecewise function (genpiecewise) that 
> are simpler and more general than the current numpy.piecewise 
> implementation. The new generalized piecewise function allows 
> functions of the type f(x0, x1,.. , xn) i.e. to have arbitrary number 
> of input arguments that are evaluated conditionally.
> The generalized piecewise function passes all the tests for 
> numpy.piecewise function except the undocumented features of 
> numpy.piecewise which allows condlist to be a single bool list/array 
> or a single int array.

One would think you could already pass two arguments to a function by using a 2d array but I couldn't get that to work with some short testing.
So this looks like a useful improvement over the current piecewise to me.

Do you want open a pull request on github to discuss the details?

It would be good if it can replace the current piecewise as having two functions which do very similar things is not so nice.

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