[Numpy-discussion] MKL not available as separate download since 10/16/2014

Mark Mikofski bwana.marko at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 22 23:59:36 EDT 2014


Thanks for your response.

The Intel Math Kernel Library package with just the static and dynamic libraries for blas, lapack (similar to AMD's acml self extracting zip file) is what I think many Windows users were depending on to build Python's numerical and scientific libraries (numpy and scipy). If it could be made available that would be very welcomed. Currently the only remaining option is AMD's acml here:
which passes all tests.

Currently it is unfortunate that the Intel MKL website has instructions for building numpy and scipy here:
https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/numpyscipy-with-intel-mkland numpy/scipy has them here:
but you can no longer download the MKL files.

Thanks for your help!


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