[Numpy-discussion] f2py and debug mode

Bayard ferdinand.bayard at strains.fr
Tue Sep 30 09:15:10 EDT 2014

Hello to all.
I'm aiming to wrap a Fortran program into Python. I started to work with 
f2py, and am trying to setup a debug mode where I could reach 
breakpoints in Fortran module launched by Python. I've been looking in 
the existing post, but not seeing things like that.

I'm used to work with visual studio 2012 and Intel Fortran compiler, I 
have tried to get that point doing :
1) Run f2py -m to get *.c wrapper
2) Embed it in a C Project in Visual Studio, containing also with 
fortranobject.c and fortranobject.h,
3) Create a solution which also contains my fortran files compiled as a lib
4) Generate in debug mode a "dll" with extension pyd (to get to that 
point name of the "main" function in Fortran by "_main").

I compiled without any error, and reach break point in C Wrapper, but 
not in Fortran, and the fortran code seems not to be executed (whereas 
it is when compiling with f2py -c). Trying to understand f2py code, I 
noticed that f2py is not only writing c-wrapper, but compiling it in a 
specific way. Is there a way to get a debug mode in Visual Studio with 
f2py (some members of the team are used to it) ? Any alternative tool we 
should use for debugging ?

Thanks for answering

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