[Numpy-discussion] IDE's for numpy development?

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On Wed, Apr 1, 2015 at 12:04 PM, Charles R Harris
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> Hi All,
> In a recent exchange Mark Wiebe suggested that the lack of support for numpy
> development in Visual Studio might limit the number of developers attracted
> to the project. I'm a vim/console developer myself and make no claim of
> familiarity with modern development tools, but I wonder if such tools might
> now be available for Numpy. A quick google search turns up a beta plugin for
> Visual Studio,, and there is an xcode IDE for the mac that apparently offers
> some Python support. The two things that I think are required are: 1)
> support for mixed C, python developement and 2) support for building and
> testing numpy. I'd be interested in information from anyone with experience
> in using such an IDE and ideas of how Numpy might make using some of the
> common IDEs easier.
> Thoughts?

I have no experience with the C/C++ part, but I'm using the C/C++
version of Eclipse with PyDev.

It should have all the extra features available, but I don't use them
and don't have compiler, debugger and so on for C/C++ connected to
Eclipse. It looks like it supports Visual C++ and MingW GCC toolchain.
(I'm not sure the same project can be a C/C++ and a PyDev project at
the same time.)


> Chuck
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