[Numpy-discussion] Non-meta indexing improvements discussion

Sebastian Berg sebastian at sipsolutions.net
Thu Apr 9 02:50:43 EDT 2015

Hi all,

Let me take a shot at summing up some suggestions to make the indexing
less surprising, and maybe we can gather some more in a more
concentrated way now.

1. Implement something like `arr.fancy_index[...]` and
`arr.ortho_index[...]` (i.e. Jaimes PR is the start for trying this)

2. Add warnings for non-consecutive advanced indexing (i.e. the original
example `arr[0, :, index_array]`).

3. I do not know if it possible or useful, but I could imagine a module
wide switch (similar to __future__ imports) to change the default
indexing behaviour.

One more thing, implementing this (especially the "new" indexing) is
non-trivial, so as always help beyond just a discussion is appreciated
and in my opinion the best way to push an actual change to happen sooner
rather then in some far off future. I do not have time for concentrating
much on an implementation for a while myself for a while at least.

- Sebastian
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