[Numpy-discussion] ANN: SciExp^2 (1.1.2)

Lluís Vilanova vilanova at ac.upc.edu
Wed Dec 2 11:20:06 EST 2015

Hi all! I'm really happy to make the first public announcement of SciExp^2
(actually, it's release 1.1.2).

Home page: https://projects.gso.ac.upc.edu/projects/sciexp2


SciExp² (aka SciExp square or simply SciExp2) stands for Scientific Experiment
Exploration, which contains a comprehensive framework for easing the workflow of
creating, executing and evaluating experiments.

The driving idea behind SciExp² is the need for quick and effortless
design-space exploration. It is divided into the following main pieces:

* Launchgen: Aids in the process of defining experiments as a permutation of
  different parameters in the design space, creating the necessary files to run
  them (configuration files, scripts, etc.).

* Launcher: Takes the result of launchgen and integrates with some well-known
  execution systems (e.g., simple shell scripts or gridengine) to execute and
  keep track of the experiments (e.g., re-run failed experiments, or run those
  whose files have been updated). In addition, experiments can be operated
  through filters that know about the parameters used during experiment

* Data: Aids in the process of collecting and analyzing the results of the
  experiments. Results are collected into arrays whose dimensions can be
  annotated by the user (e.g., to identify experiment parameters). It also
  provides functions to automatically extract experiment results into annotated
  arrays (implemented as numpy arrays with dimension metadata extensions).

The framework is available in the form of Python modules which can be easily
integrated into your own applications or used as a scripting environment.


As you'll see, the data piece is my personal take on "labaled arrays", which I
started well before the "datarray" project. It's just too bad that "datarray"
did not succeed in unifying the common logic across the different projects with
similar features.


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