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> On Sat, Dec 5, 2015 at 4:49 PM, Jaime Fernández del Río <
> jaime.frio at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'm alive and well: trying to stay afloat on a sea of messaging
>> protocols, Java and Swiss bureaucracy, but doing great aside from that.
>> Jaime
> Glad to hear it. I was beginning to worry...
> Java? Poor soul. Anything special about the Swiss bureaucracy? Reminds me
> of the old joke

Well, if you don't have a suitcase full of $100 bills, opening a bank
account in Switzerland is surprisingly difficult, especially if you are
moving here from the U.S. If immigration then decides to request from you
documents they already have, thus delaying your residence permit by a few
more weeks, the bank ends up returning your first salary, just about the
same time you have to pay a 3 month rental deposit for a small and
ridiculously expensive apartment. Everything is slowly falling into place,
but it has been an interesting ride.

> *Heaven and Hell*
> Heaven Is Where:
> The French are the chefs
> The Italians are the lovers
> The British are the police
> The Germans are the mechanics
> And the Swiss make everything run on time
> Hell is Where:
> The British are the chefs
> The Swiss are the lovers
> The French are the mechanics
> The Italians make everything run on time
> And the Germans are the police

The trains and trams do seem to run remarkably on time, but I don't think
Eva would be too happy about me setting out to test how good lovers the
Swiss are...


( O.o)
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de dominación mundial.
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