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Sorry - I'll join there.

- Ray

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>On Tue, Dec 8, 2015 at 9:30 AM, R Schumacher 
><<mailto:rays at blue-cove.com>rays at blue-cove.com> wrote:
>We have a function which describes a frequency 
>response correction to piezo devices we use. To 
>flatten the FFT, it is similar to:
>Cdis_t = .5
>N = 8192
>for n in range(8192):
>Â  B3 = n * 2560 / N
>Â  Fc(n) = 1 / 
>((B3/((1/(Cdis_t*2*pi))**2+B3**2)**0.5)*(-0.01*log(B3) + 1.04145))
>In practice it really only matters for low frequencies.
>I suggested that we might be able to do a time 
>domain correction as a forward-reverse FFT 
>filter using the function, but another said it 
>can also be applied in the time domain using a bilinear transform.
>So, can one use
>and, how does one generate b,a from the given 
>Fourrier domain flattening function?
>This should go to either 
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