[Numpy-discussion] numpy.power -> numpy.random.choice Probabilities don't sum to 1

Ryan R. Rosario ryan at bytemining.com
Fri Dec 18 16:25:10 EST 2015


I have a matrix whose entries I must raise to a certain power and then normalize by row. After I do that, when I pass some rows to numpy.random.choice, I get a ValueError: probabilities do not sum to 1.

I understand that floating point is not perfect, and my matrix is so large that I cannot use np.longdouble because I will run out of RAM.

As an example on a smaller matrix:

np.power(mymatrix, 10, out=mymatrix)
row_normalized = np.apply_along_axis(lambda x: x / np.sum(x), 1, mymatrix)
sums = row_normalized.sum(axis=1)
sums[np.where(sums != 1)]

array([ 0.99999994,  0.99999994,  1.00000012, ...,  0.99999994,
     0.99999994,  0.99999994], dtype=float32)

np.random.choice(range(row_normalized.shape[0]), 1, p=row_normalized[0, :])
ValueError: probabilities do not sum to 1

I also tried the normalize function in sklearn.preprocessing and have the same problem.

Is there a way to avoid this problem without having to make manual adjustments to get the row sums to = 1?

— Ryan

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