[Numpy-discussion] Numpy V1.4.1 software license

Nguyen, Theresa X theresa.x.nguyen at lmco.com
Wed Jul 8 11:53:04 EDT 2015

Dear Sir/Madam,

                Currently, I have a chance to review the software Numpy V1.4.1,  I found some software that they had the Copyright but *no License* show as below:

1.       File:             ... numpy-1.4.1\numpy\distutils\fcompiler\absoft.py

           # on windows: f90 -V -c dummy.f
           # f90: Copyright Absoft Corporation 1994-1998 mV2; Cray Research, Inc. 1994-1996 CF90 (2.x.x.x  f36t87) Version 2.3 Wed Apr 19, 2006  13:05:16

           # samt5735(8)$ f90 -V -c dummy.f
           # f90: Copyright Absoft Corporation 1994-2002; Absoft Pro FORTRAN Version 8.0

2.       File:            ... numpy-1.4.1\numpy\distutils\fcompiler\intel.py

#Intel(R) Fortran Itanium(R) Compiler for Itanium(R)-based applications
#Version 9.1    Build 20060928 Package ID: l_fc_c_9.1.039
#Copyright (C) 1985-2006 Intel Corporation.  All rights reserved.

Would you please provide a License for these files.

Numpy V1.4.1 is released under BSD Style License.  I wonder if these software can be released under the same license?

Thank you very much for your assistant.

Best Regards,
Theresa X. Nguyen

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