[Numpy-discussion] Video meeting this week

Olivier Grisel olivier.grisel at ensta.org
Fri Jul 10 06:24:49 EDT 2015

Hi Carl,

Sorry for the slow reply.

I ran some tests with your binstar packages:

I installed numpy, scipy and mingwpy for Python 2.7 32 bit and Python
3.4 64 bit (downloaded from python.org) on a freshly provisionned
windows VM on rackspace.

I then used the mingwpy C & C++ compilers to build the master branch
of scikit-learn which worked without any issue.

Then I ran the tests for numpy, scipy and scikit-learn

Here are the results:


To summarize:

- there are a few numpy failures on both 32 bit and 64 bit (see gist
for details)
- there are scipy failures on 32 bit and a segfault on 64 bit, I
installed gdb to get a not very informative backtrace
- scikit-learn tests all pass on 32 bit
- scikit-learn tests segfault on 64 bit (see backtrace as well).

Let met know how I can help debug those. I installed gdb using msys2
for 64 bit windows but I did not have msys2 in the path when building

I can also grant you rackspace cloud credentials if you want to debug
this by yourself.


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