[Numpy-discussion] Numpy, BLAS, and CBLAS questions

Oscar Villellas oscar.villellas at continuum.io
Mon Jul 13 11:07:20 EDT 2015

On Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 8:40 AM, Eric Martin <eric at ericmart.in> wrote:

> [...]

> *My questions about this:*
> CBLAS questions:
> What does CBLAS do, and why/when is it necessary? For both ACML 6 and
> Eigen, I could not link directly to the library but could with CBLAS. My
> understanding is that the BLAS interface is a Fortran ABI, and the CBLAS
> provides a C ABI (cdecl?) to BLAS.
> Why can't the user link Numpy directly to the Fortran ABI? How are ATLAS
> and openBLAS handled?
> AFAIK, the cblas symbols is an interface adapted to the calling
conventions of C. This involves things like integer being passed by value
instead of by reference. This means that in order to use the FORTRAN symbol
care must be taken to pass the arguments the way a FORTRAN function expects
(like I said, it is a matter of just tweaking the arguments in the call and
using a FORTRAN symbol).
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