[Numpy-discussion] 1,10 and 1.11 releases

Charles R Harris charlesr.harris at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 23:38:30 EDT 2015

Hi All,

I plan on branching 1.10 this next weekend and the `__numpy_ufunc__` work
will be pushed off to 1.11.

One of the things we discussed at SciPy 2015 was the need for a faster
release cycle. If we are going to manage that we need to start planning now
by picking a release manager, listing the work we want done, and setting a
preliminary release date.

For the release manager,  Jaime among others expressed an interest and I
would be happy with that. Others who might be interested should add their
names here.

For work to be done, certainly we want to get the `__numpy_ufunc__`
functionality settled. Other possibilities might be merging the ufunc
module into multiarray or further cleanups of masked array. Longer term we
might want to take a look at scalars and dtypes. Please add other
suggestions here.

 I think December might be a good target date for the beta release,
although the holidays have a way of messing with everyone's schedule.


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