[Numpy-discussion] stats functions with weight support

Neal Becker ndbecker2 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 11:08:15 EDT 2015

The histogram function supports a weights option, but most others (e.g., 
percentile) do not.

For my problem, I have a trace of the amounts of time (floating point) that 
my machine under test is in each of N states.  I'd like to produce 
histograms, kde, maybe nice pics with seaborn.

I can use weights option to histogram, but cannot do any fancier ops, 
because they don't accept a weights= input.  For that matter, it would even 
perhaps be nicer if they accepted a histogram input directly.

I looked at seaborn distplot, but it doesn't accept weights and doesn't 
accept a histogram.  I thought maybe I could modify it, but it uses 
functions like percentile, which also doesn't accept either.

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