[Numpy-discussion] Backwards-incompatible improvements to numpy.random.RandomState

Antony Lee antony.lee at berkeley.edu
Tue Jun 9 13:07:59 EDT 2015

2015-05-29 14:06 GMT-07:00 Antony Lee <antony.lee at berkeley.edu>:

> A proof-of-concept implementation, still missing tests, is tracked as
>> #5911.  It includes the patch proposed in #5158 as an example of how to
>> include an improved version of random.choice.
> Tests are in now (whether we should bundle in pickles of old versions to
> make sure they are still unpickled correctly and outputs of old random
> streams to make sure they are still reproduced is a good question, though).
> Comments welcome.

Kindly bumping the issue.

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