[Numpy-discussion] Clarification sought on Scipy Numpy version requirements.

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On Fri, Jun 19, 2015 at 10:08 PM, Charles R Harris <
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> Hi All,
> I'm looking to change some numpy deprecations into errors as well as
> remove some deprecated functions. The problem I see is that
> SciPy claims to support Numpy >= 1.5 and Numpy 1.5 is really, really, old.

Lowest supported Scipy version in master and 0.16.x is 1.6.2. This can be
seen in the main setup.py, scipy/__init__.py and the 0.16.0 release notes.

> So the question is, does "support" mean compiles with earlier versions
> of Numpy ?


> If that is the case there is very little that can be done about
> deprecation.

They can be fixed in Scipy, see for example

> OTOH, if it means Scipy can be compiled with more recent numpy versions
> but used with earlier Numpy versions (which is a good feat), I'd like to
> know.

That's never a good idea, and in most cases raises errors on import if you

> I'd also like to know what the interface requirements are, as I'd like to
> remove old_defines.h

This can be fixed in Scipy (see PR above); there's still a lot to do there
though. More importantly, I think Cython still relies on this API and
therefore also needs to be updated. This description of changes made in
Theano might be helpful:


> Chuck
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