[Numpy-discussion] Adding keyword to asarray and asanyarray.

Chris Barker chris.barker at noaa.gov
Thu Mar 5 12:04:59 EST 2015

On Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 8:42 AM, Benjamin Root <ben.root at ou.edu> wrote:

> dare I say... datetime64/timedelta64 support?

well, the precision of those is 64 bits, yes? so if you asked for less than
that, you'd still get a dt64. If you asked for 64 bits, you'd get it, if
you asked for datetime128  -- what would you get???

a 128 bit integer? or an Exception, because there is no 128bit datetime

But I think this is the same problem with any dtype -- if you ask for a
precision that doesn't exist, you're going to get an error.

Is there a more detailed description of the proposed feature anywhere? Do
you specify a dtype as a precision? or jsut the precision, and let the
dtype figure it out for itself, i.e.:


would give you a float64 if the passed in array was a float type, but a
int64 if the passed in array was an int type, or a uint64 if the passed in
array was a unsigned int type, etc.....

But in the end,  I wonder about the use case. I generaly use asarray one of
two ways:

Without a dtype -- to simple make sure I've got an ndarray of SOME dtype.


With a dtype - because I really care about the dtype -- usually because I
need to pass it on to C code or something.

I don't think I'd ever need at least some precision, but not care if I got
more than that....



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