[Numpy-discussion] Introductory mail and GSoc Project "Vector math library integration"

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On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 10:34 PM, Gregor Thalhammer <
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> On the scipy mailing list I also answered to Amine, who is also
interested in this proposal.
​​ Can you provide the link of that discussion? I am getting trouble in
searching that.

Long time ago I wrote a package that
>provides fast math functions (ufuncs) for numpy, using Intel’s MKL/VML
library, see  https://github.com/geggo/uvml and my comments
there. This code could be easily ported to use other vector math libraries.

​When MKL is not available for a System, will this integration work with
default numpy maths functions?
 Would be interesting to evaluate other possibilities. Due to
the fact that MKL is non-free, there are concerns to use it with numpy,
although e.g. numpy and scipy using the MKL LAPACK
routines are used frequently (Anaconda or Christoph Gohlkes  binaries).
> You can easily inject the fast math ufuncs into numpy, e.g. with
set_numeric_ops() or np.sin = vml.sin.

​Can you explain in a bit detail or provide a link where i can see it?​

​Thanks for your valuable suggestion.​


Durgesh Pandey,
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