[Numpy-discussion] Rewrite np.histogram in c?

Jerome Kieffer Jerome.Kieffer at esrf.fr
Mon Mar 16 12:28:48 EDT 2015

On Mon, 16 Mar 2015 06:56:58 -0700
Jaime Fernández del Río <jaime.frio at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dispatching to a different method seems like a no brainer indeed. The
> question is whether we really need to do this in C.

I need to do both unweighted & weighted histograms and we got a factor 5 using (simple) cython:
it is in the proceedings of Euroscipy, last year.

We got much faster but that's another story.

In fact, many people coming from IDL or Matlab are surprised by the
poor performances of numpy's histogram.


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