[Numpy-discussion] import scipy.linalg is hanging on Marvell armada 370

Alexander Brezinov alexander.brezinov at mmbresearch.com
Tue May 5 15:52:44 EDT 2015


The import of scipy.linalg is hanging in DOUBLE_mutiply function
(BINARY_LOOP) in umath.so. After attaching the gdb and dumping the local
varibles the args are empty strings. Could you please advise if this is
known issue? I just search the mailing list and could not find any solution
for the problem.

I am running:

kernel 3.2.36  + Debian wheezy on ARMv71 armhf
CPU Armada 370 Marvell
python 2.7.3
scipy 0.15.1
numpy 1.9.2

The problem could be reproduced by launching python and importing
scipy.linalg(import linalg)

I also run the same OS on qemu and was not able to reproduce the issue.
Similar architecture such as rasbery pi (ARMv7 armhf) is fine. Also if
using software floating point intead of hardware floating point on the same
Armada 370 (ARMv7) working just fine.

Thank you for any comments or suggestions in advance,
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