[Numpy-discussion] binary wheels for numpy?

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> On Fri, May 15, 2015 at 4:07 PM, Chris Barker <chris.barker at noaa.gov>
> wrote:
>> Hi folks.,
>> I did a little "intro to scipy" session as part of a larger Python class
>> the other day, and was dismayed to find that "pip install numpy" still
>> dosn't work on Windows.
>> Thanks mostly to Matthew Brett's work, the whole scipy stack is
>> pip-installable on OS-X, it would be really nice if we had that for Windows.
>> And no, saying "you should go get Python(x,y) or Anaconda, or Canopy,
>> or...) is really not a good solution. That is indeed the way to go if
>> someone is primarily focusing on computational programming, but if you have
>> a web developer, or someone new to Python for general use, they really
>> should be able to just grab numpy and play around with it a bit without
>> having to start all over again.
> Unrelated to the pip/wheel discussion.
> In my experience by far the easiest to get something running to play with
> is using Winpython. Download and unzip (and maybe add to system path) and
> most of the data analysis stack is available.
> I haven't even bothered yet to properly install a full "system python" on
> my Windows machine. I'm just working with 3 winpython. (One even has Julia
> and IJulia included after following the installation instructions for a
> short time.)

+1 on WinPython. I have half a dozen "installations" of it, none registered
with Windows.


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