[Numpy-discussion] Verify your sourceforge windows installer downloads

Julian Taylor jtaylor.debian at googlemail.com
Thu May 28 08:46:00 EDT 2015

It has been reported that sourceforge has taken over the gimp
unofficial windows downloader page and temporarily bundled the
installer with unauthorized adware:

As NumPy is also distributing windows installers via sourceforge I
recommend that when you download the files you verify the downloads
via the checksums in the README.txt before using them. The README.txt
is clearsigned with my gpg key so it should be safe from tampering.
Unfortunately as I don't use windows I cannot give any advice on how
to do the verifcation on these platforms. Maybe someone familar with
available tools can chime in.

I have checked the numpy downloads and they still match what I
uploaded, but as sourceforge does redirect based on OS and geolocation
this may not mean much.

Julian Taylor

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