[Numpy-discussion] querying backend information

Stefan Seefeld stefan at seefeld.name
Wed Nov 4 19:40:11 EST 2015


is there a way to query Numpy for information about backends (BLAS,
LAPACK, etc.) that it was compiled against, including compiler / linker
flags that were used ?
Consider the use-case where instead of calling a function such as
numpy.dot() I may want to call the appropriate backend directly using
the C API as an optimization technique. Is there a straight-forward way
to do that ?

In a somewhat related line of thought: Is there a way to see what
backends are available during Numpy compile-time ? I'm looking for a
list of flags to pick ATLAS/OpenBLAS/LAPACK/MKL or any other backend
that might be available, combined with variables (compiler and linker
flags, notably) I might have to set. Is that information available at all ?



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