[Numpy-discussion] loadtxt and usecols

Irvin Probst irvin.probst at ensta-bretagne.fr
Mon Nov 9 04:15:04 EST 2015

I've recently seen many students, coming from Matlab, struggling against 
the usecols argument of loadtxt. Most of them tried something like:
loadtxt("foo.bar", usecols=2) or the ones with better documentation 
reading skills tried loadtxt("foo.bar", usecols=(2)) but none of them 
understood they had to write usecols=[2] or usecols=(2,).

Is there a policy in numpy stating that this kind of arguments must be 
sequences ? I think that being able to an int or a sequence when a 
single column is needed would make this function a bit more user 
friendly for beginners. I would gladly submit a PR if noone disagrees.



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