[Numpy-discussion] Let's move forward with the current governance document.

Travis Oliphant travis at continuum.io
Fri Oct 2 21:40:00 EDT 2015

Hi everyone,

After some further thought and spending quite a bit of time re-reading the
discussion on a few threads, I now believe that my request to be on the
steering council might be creating more trouble than it's worth.
Nothing matters to me more than seeing NumPy continue to grow and improve.

So, I'm switching my position to supporting the adoption of the governance
model outlined and just contributing as I can outside the steering council.
   The people on the steering council are committed to the success of NumPy
and will do a great job --- they already have in contributing to the
community over the past year(s).    We can always revisit the question in a
year if difficulties arise with the model.

If my voice and other strong voices remain outside the council, perhaps we
can all encourage that the intended community governance of NumPy does in
fact happen, and most decisions continue to be made in the open.

I had the pleasure last night of meeting one of the new NumPy core
contributors, Allan Haldane.   This only underscored my confidence in
everyone who is contributing to NumPy today.   This confidence has already
been established by watching the great contributions of many talented
developers who have given their time and talents to the project over the
past several years.

I hope that we can move on from the governance discussion and continue to
promote the success of the project together.


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