[Numpy-discussion] ANN: pandas v0.17.0 released

Jeff Reback jeffreback at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 14:31:13 EDT 2015


We are proud to announce v0.17.0 of pandas.

This is a major release from 0.16.2 and includes a small number of API
changes, several new features, enhancements, and performance improvements
along with a large number of bug fixes. We recommend that all users upgrade
to this version.

This was a release of 4 months with 515 commits by 112 authors encompassing
233 issues and 362 pull-requests.

We recommend that all users upgrade to this version.

*What is it:*

*pandas* is a Python package providing fast, flexible, and expressive data
structures designed to make working with “relational” or “labeled” data both
easy and intuitive. It aims to be the fundamental high-level building block
doing practical, real world data analysis in Python. Additionally, it has
broader goal of becoming the most powerful and flexible open source data
analysis / manipulation tool available in any language.


   - Release the Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) on some cython operations,
   see here
   - Plotting methods are now available as attributes of the .plot
   accessor, see here
   - The sorting API has been revamped to remove some long-time
   inconsistencies, see here
   - Support for a datetime64[ns] with timezones as a first-class dtype,
   see here
   - The default for to_datetime will now be to raise when presented with
   unparseable formats, previously this would return the original input, see
   - The default for dropna in HDFStore has changed to False, to store by
   default all rows even if they are all NaN, see here
   - Support for Series.dt.strftime to generate formatted strings for
   datetime-likes, see here
   - Development installed versions of pandas will now have PEP440
   compliant version strings GH9518
   - Development support for benchmarking with the Air Speed Velocity
   library GH8316 <https://github.com/pydata/pandas/pull/8316>
   - Support for reading SAS xport files, see here
   - Removal of the automatic TimeSeries broadcasting, deprecated since
   0.8.0, see here
   - Display format with plain text can optionally align with Unicode East
   Asian Width, see here
   - Compatibility with Python 3.5 GH11097
   - Compatibility with matplotlib 1.5.0 GH11111

See the Whatsnew
<http://pandas.pydata.org/pandas-docs/version/0.17.0/whatsnew.html> for
much more information and the full Documentation
<http://pandas.pydata.org/pandas-docs/stable/> link.

*How to get it:*

Source tarballs, windows wheels, macosx wheels are available on PyPI

   - note that currently PyPi is not accepting 3.5 wheels.

Installation via conda is:

   - conda install pandas

windows wheels are courtesy of  Christoph Gohlke and are built on Numpy 1.9
macosx wheels are courtesy of Matthew Brett


Please report any issues on our issue tracker

Thanks to all who made this release happen. It is a very large release!


*Thanks to all of the contributors*

   - Alex Rothberg
   - Andrea Bedini
   - Andrew Rosenfeld
   - Andy Li
   - Anthonios Partheniou
   - Artemy Kolchinsky
   - Bernard Willers
   - Charlie Clark
   - Chris
   - Chris Whelan
   - Christoph Gohlke
   - Christopher Whelan
   - Clark Fitzgerald
   - Clearfield Christopher
   - Dan Ringwalt
   - Daniel Ni
   - Data & Code Expert Experimenting with Code on Data
   - David Cottrell
   - David John Gagne
   - David Kelly
   - ETF
   - Eduardo Schettino
   - Egor
   - Egor Panfilov
   - Evan Wright
   - Frank Pinter
   - Gabriel Araujo
   - Garrett-R
   - Gianluca Rossi
   - Guillaume Gay
   - Guillaume Poulin
   - Harsh Nisar
   - Ian Henriksen
   - Ian Hoegen
   - Jaidev Deshpande
   - Jan Rudolph
   - Jan Schulz
   - Jason Swails
   - Jeff Reback
   - Jonas Buyl
   - Joris Van den Bossche
   - Joris Vankerschaver
   - Josh Levy-Kramer
   - Julien Danjou
   - Ka Wo Chen
   - Karrie Kehoe
   - Kelsey Jordahl
   - Kerby Shedden
   - Kevin Sheppard
   - Lars Buitinck
   - Leif Johnson
   - Luis Ortiz
   - Mac
   - Matt Gambogi
   - Matt Savoie
   - Matthew Gilbert
   - Maximilian Roos
   - Michelangelo D'Agostino
   - Mortada Mehyar
   - Nick Eubank
   - Nipun Batra
   - Ondřej Čertík
   - Phillip Cloud
   - Pratap Vardhan
   - Rafal Skolasinski
   - Richard Lewis
   - Rinoc Johnson
   - Rob Levy
   - Robert Gieseke
   - Safia Abdalla
   - Samuel Denny
   - Saumitra Shahapure
   - Sebastian Pölsterl
   - Sebastian Rubbert
   - Sheppard, Kevin
   - Sinhrks
   - Siu Kwan Lam
   - Skipper Seabold
   - Spencer Carrucciu
   - Stephan Hoyer
   - Stephen Hoover
   - Stephen Pascoe
   - Terry Santegoeds
   - Thomas Grainger
   - Tjerk Santegoeds
   - Tom Augspurger
   - Vincent Davis
   - Winterflower
   - Yaroslav Halchenko
   - Yuan Tang (Terry)
   - agijsberts
   - ajcr
   - behzad nouri
   - cel4
   - cyrusmaher
   - davidovitch
   - ganego
   - jreback
   - juricast
   - larvian
   - maximilianr
   - msund
   - rekcahpassyla
   - robertzk
   - scls19fr
   - seth-p
   - sinhrks
   - springcoil
   - terrytangyuan
   - tzinckgraf
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