[Numpy-discussion] deprecate fromstring() for text reading?

Chris Barker chris.barker at noaa.gov
Thu Oct 22 13:03:15 EDT 2015

There was just a question about a bug/issue with scipy.fromstring (which is
numpy.fromstring) when used to read integers from a text file.


fromstring() is bugging and inflexible for reading text files -- and it is
a very, very ugly mess of code. I dug into it a while back, and gave up --
just to much of a mess!

So we really should completely re-implement it, or deprecate it. I doubt
anyone is going to do a big refactor, so that means deprecating it.

Also -- if we do want a fast read numbers from text files function (which
would be nice, actually), it really should get a new name anyway.

(and the hopefully coming new dtype system would make it easier to write

I'm not sure what deprecating something means, though -- have it raise a
deprecation warning in the next version?



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