[Numpy-discussion] Preliminary schedule for 1.12

Charles R Harris charlesr.harris at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 17:24:19 EDT 2016

Hi All,

As we are trying out an accelerated release schedule this year it is time
to start thinking of the 1.12 release. My current plan is to release a
Numpy 1.11.1 at the end of the month with a few small fixups.  Numpy 1.11.0
looks to have been one of our more successful releases and there are
currently only three fixups in 1.11.x, none of which are major, so I think
we can just release with no betas or release candidates unless something
terrible turns up. After that release I'm looking to branch 1.12.x in early
to mid May aiming at a final sometime in late July or early August.

The main thing I think we must have in 1.12 is `__numpy_ufunc__`, so unless
someone else wants to resurrect that topic I will do so myself starting
sometime next week. I don't think a lot of work is needed to finish things
up, Nathaniel's PR #6001 <https://github.com/numpy/numpy/pull/6001> is a
good start and with the addition of some opt out code that adheres to the
Python convention should provide a solution we can all live with. Others
may disagree, which is why we are still discussing the topic at this late
date, but I'm hopeful.

If there are other PRs or issues that folks feel need to be in 1.12.x,
please reply to this post.

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