[Numpy-discussion] linux wheels coming soon

Jens Nielsen jenshnielsen at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 06:33:56 EDT 2016


I can confirm that the new narrow unicode build wheels of Scipy works as
expected for my project.
@Oliver Grisel Thanks for finding the Travis issue it's probably worth
considering switching the Travis build to 2.7.11 to avoid other similar

The old versions of numpy are very handy for downstream testing. I have
verified that they work as expected in the Matplotlib tests here:
https://github.com/jenshnielsen/matplotlib/tree/travisnowheelhouse where we
are testing against numpy 1.6 as the earliest. This branch switches
matplotlib from the scikit image wheelhouse to manylinux wheels which seems
to work great.


On Wed, 20 Apr 2016 at 09:59 Olivier Grisel <olivier.grisel at ensta.org>

> Thanks,
> I think next we could upgrade the travis configuration of numpy and
> scipy to build and upload manylinux1 wheels to
> http://travis-dev-wheels.scipy.org/ for downstream project to test
> against the master branch of numpy and scipy whithout having to build
> those from source.
> However that would require publishing an official pre-built
> libopenblas.so (+headers) archive or RPM package. That archive would
> server as the reference libary to build scipy stack manylinux1 wheels.
> --
> Olivier
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