[Numpy-discussion] linux wheels coming soon

Matthew Brett matthew.brett at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 14:41:49 EDT 2016


On Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 3:33 AM, Jens Nielsen <jenshnielsen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks
> I can confirm that the new narrow unicode build wheels of Scipy works as
> expected for my project.
> @Oliver Grisel Thanks for finding the Travis issue it's probably worth
> considering switching the Travis build to 2.7.11 to avoid other similar
> issues.
> The old versions of numpy are very handy for downstream testing. I have
> verified that they work as expected in the Matplotlib tests here:
> https://github.com/jenshnielsen/matplotlib/tree/travisnowheelhouse where we
> are testing against numpy 1.6 as the earliest. This branch switches
> matplotlib from the scikit image wheelhouse to manylinux wheels which seems
> to work great.

Jens - any interest in working together on a good matplotlib build recipe?


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