[Numpy-discussion] Help with bit arrays

Henrique Almeida hdante.lnls at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 10:35:15 EDT 2016

 Hello, what's the current status on numpy for loading bit-arrays ?

I'm currently unable to correctly load black and white (1-bit) TIFF
images. Code example follows:

from PIL import Image
import numpy
from matplotlib import pyplot

img = Image.open('oi-00.tiff')
a = numpy.array(img)

^ does not work for 1-bit TIFF images

PIL source shows that it incorrectly uses typestr == '|b1'. I tried to
change this to '|t1', but I get :

TypeError: data type "|t1" not understood

My goal is to make the above code to work for black and white TIFF
images the same way it works for grayscale images. Any help ?

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