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> You can use `leastsq` or `least_squares` directly: they both accept an
> array of parameters.
> BTW, since all of these functions are actually in scipy, you might
> want to redirect this discussion to the scipy-user mailing list.

Hi all

I found the solution in the following thread:


One has to call curve_fit with 'p0' (giving curve_fit a clue about the unknown number of variables)

I changed func2 to (note the *):

def func2( x, *a ):

       # Bessel function
	tmp = scipy.special.j0( x[:,:] )

	return np.dot( tmp[:,:] , a[:] )

and call it:

N = number of optimisation parameters

popt = scipy.optimize.curve_fit( func2, x, yi , p0=[1.0]*N)

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