[Numpy-discussion] script for building numpy from source in virtualenv and outside it

Felipe Vieira fmv1992 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 15:43:09 EST 2016

Dear fellows,

I'm struggling with a single script to build numpy from source in a virtual
env. I want the same script to be able to be run with a normal env.

So if ran from a normal env it should affect all users.
If ran within a virtual env the installation should be constrained to that

I tried setting script variables and other tricks but the script is always
executed as a 'out of virtual env' user (I cannot make it aware that is
running from a virtualenv), thus affecting my real working python. As the
script activates other scripts I am not posting them for now (hoping that
this is a simple issue).

tl;dr: How can I install numpy from source and build it in a script which
uses the virtual env instead of affecting the whole system?

(And yes, I have looked for solutions on google but none of them worked.)

Best regards,
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