[Numpy-discussion] Changes to generalized ufunc core dimension checking

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Wed Mar 16 22:32:59 EDT 2016

On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 3:45 PM, Steve Waterbury <waterbug at pangalactic.us>

> On 03/16/2016 06:28 PM, Nathaniel Smith wrote:
>> ... Sounds like a real deprecation cycle would have been better.
> IMHO for a library as venerable and widely-used as Numpy, a
> deprecation cycle is almost always better ... consider this a
> lesson learned.

Mandatory XKCD - https://xkcd.com/1172

We recently had a discussion about a similar "nobody we know uses nor
should use this api" situation in IPython, and ultimately decided that xkcd
1172 would hit us, so opted in this case just for creating new cleaner APIs
+ possibly doing slow deprecation of the old stuff.

For a widely used library, if the code exists then someone, somewhere
depends on it, regardless of how broken or obscure you think the feature
is. We just have to live with that.



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