[Numpy-discussion] Numpy 1.11.0 released

Charles R Harris charlesr.harris at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 19:32:46 EDT 2016

Hi All,

I'm pleased to announce the release of Numpy 1.11.0. This release is the
result of six months of work comprising 371 merged pull requests submitted
by 112 authors containing many bug fixes and improvements. Highlights are:

   - The datetime64 type is now timezone naive.
   - A dtype parameter has been added to ``randint``.
   - Improved detection of two arrays possibly sharing memory.
   - Automatic bin size estimation for ``np.histogram``.
   - Speed optimization of A @ A.T and dot(A, A.T).
   - New function ``np.moveaxis`` for reordering array axes.

Source files and documentation can be found on Sourceforge
<https://sourceforge.net/projects/numpy/files/NumPy/1.11.0/>, while source
files and OS X wheels for Python 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, and 3.5 can be installed
from Pypi. Note that this is the last release to support Python 2.6, 3.2,
and 3.3.

Contributors are listed below in alphabetical order with the names of new
contributors starred.

Abdullah Alrasheed*
Aditya Panchal*
Alex Griffing
Alex Rogozhnikov*
Alex Willmer
Alexander Heger*
Allan Haldane
Anatoly Techtonik*
Andrew Nelson
Anne Archibald
Antoine Pitrou
Antony Lee*
Behzad Nouri
Bertrand Lefebvre
Blake Griffith
Boxiang Sun*
Brigitta Sipocz*
Carl Kleffner
Charles Harris
Chris Hogan*
Christoph Gohlke
Colin Jermain*
Cong Ma*
David Freese
David Sanders*
Dmitry Odzerikho*
Dmitry Zagorny*
Eric Larson*
Eric Moore
Ethan Kruse*
Eugene Krokhalev*
Evgeni Burovski*
Francis T. O'Donovan*
François Boulogne*
Gabi Davar*
Gerrit Holl
Gopal Singh Meena*
Greg Yang*
Greg Young*
Gregory R. Lee
Griffin Hosseinzadeh*
Hassan Kibirige*
Holger Kohr*
Ian Henriksen
Jaime Fernandez
James Camel*
Jason King*
John Bjorn Nelson*
John Kirkham
Jonathan Helmus
Jonathan Underwood*
Joseph Fox-Rabinovitz*
Julian Taylor
Julien Dubois*
Julien Lhermitte*
Julien Schueller*
Jörn Hees*
Konstantinos Psychas*
Lars Buitinck
Luke Zoltan Kelley*
Mad Physicist*
Mark Wiebe
Marten van Kerkwijk
Matthew Brett
Matthias Geier*
Maximilian Trescher*
Michael  K. Tran*
Michael Behrisch*
Michael Currie*
Michael Löffler*
Nathaniel Hellabyte*
Nathaniel J. Smith
Nick Papior*
Nicolas Calle*
Nicolás Della Penna*
Olivier Grisel
Pauli Virtanen
Peter Iannucci
Ralf Gommers
Rehas Sachdeva*
Ronan Lamy
Ruediger Meier*
Ryan Grout*
Ryosuke Okuta*
Rémy Léone*
Sam Radhakrishnan*
Samuel St-Jean*
Sebastian Berg
Simon Conseil*
Stephan Hoyer
Stuart Archibald*
Stuart Berg
Tapasweni Pathak*
Thomas Robitaille
Tobias Megies*
Tushar Gautam*
Varun Nayyar*
Vincent Legoll*
Warren Weckesser
Wendell Smith
Yash Mehrotra*
Yifan Li*

Thanks to all who worked on this release.

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