[Numpy-discussion] Ensuring one can operate on array-like argument in place

Pavlyk, Oleksandr oleksandr.pavlyk at intel.com
Sat Nov 12 12:00:07 EST 2016


In my Cython code a function processes it argument x as follows:

    x_arr = PyArray_CheckFromAny(
          x, NULL, 0, 0,

    if x_arr is not x:
       in_place = 1  # a copy was made, so we can work in place.

The logic is of the last line turns out to be incorrect, because the input x can be a class with an array interface:

class FakeArray(object):
    def __init__(self, data):
        self._data = data
        self.__array_interface__ = data.__array_interface__

Feeding my function FakeArray(xx),  x_arr will point into the content of xx, resulting in unwarranted content
overwrite of xx.

I am trying to replace that condition with

    if x_arr is not x and cnp.PyArray_Check(x):
       # a copy was made, so we can work in place.
       in_place = 1 if cnp.PyArray_CHKFLAGS(x_arr, cnp.NPY_WRITEABLE) else 0

I am wondering if I perhaps overlooked some case.

Thank you,
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