[Numpy-discussion] automatically avoiding temporary arrays

Pauli Virtanen pav at iki.fi
Mon Oct 3 15:33:57 EDT 2016

Mon, 03 Oct 2016 15:07:28 -0400, Benjamin Root kirjoitti:
> With regards to arguments about holding onto large arrays, I would like
> to emphasize that my original suggestion mentioned weakref'ed numpy
> arrays.
> Essentially, the idea is to claw back only the raw memory blocks during
> that limbo period between discarding the numpy array python object and
> when python garbage-collects it.

CPython afaik deallocates immediately when the refcount hits zero. It's 
relatively rare that you have arrays hanging around waiting for cycle 
breaking by gc. If you have them hanging around, I don't think it's 
possible to distinguish these from other arrays without running the gc.

Note also that an "is an array in use" check probably always requires 
Julian's stack based hack since you cannot rely on the refcount.


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