[Numpy-discussion] How to use user input as equation directly

John Ladasky jladasky at itu.edu
Thu Oct 27 17:33:03 EDT 2016

This isn't just a Numpy issue.  You are interested in Python's eval().

Keep in mind that any programming language that blurs the line between code
and data (many do not) has a potential security vulnerability.  What if
your user doesn't type

"x = 2*np.sin(2*np.pi*44100*t+np.pi/2)"

but instead types this:

"import os ; os.remove('/home')"

I do NOT recommend that you eval() the second statement.

You can try to write code which traps unwanted input before you eval() it.
It's apparently quite hard to stop everything bad from getting through.

On Thu, Oct 27, 2016 at 12:58 PM, djxvillain <djxvillain at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am an electrical engineer and new to numpy.  I need the ability to take
> in
> user input, and use that input as a variable.  For example:
> t = input('enter t: ')
> x = input('enter x: ')
> I need the user to be able to enter something like x =
> 2*np.sin(2*np.pi*44100*t+np.pi/2) and it be the same as if they just typed
> it in the .py file.  There's no clean way to cast or evaluate it that I've
> found.
> I could make a function to parse this string character by character, but I
> figured this is probably a common problem and someone else has probably
> figured it out and created an object for it.  I can't find a library that
> does it though.
> If I can provide any more information please let me know.  Thank you in
> advance for your help.
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