[Numpy-discussion] __numpy_ufunc__

Marten van Kerkwijk m.h.vankerkwijk at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 18:37:47 EDT 2016

Hi Chuck,

> We were pretty close. IIRC, the outstanding issue was some sort of override.

Correct. With a general sentiment of those downstream that it would be
great to merge in any form, as it will be really helpful! (Generic
speedup of factor of 2 for computationally expensive ufuncs (sin, cos,
etc.) that needs scaling in Quantity...)

> At the developer meeting at scipy 2015 it was agreed that it would be easy
> to finish things up under the rubric "make Pauli happy".

That would certainly make me happy too!

Other items that were brought up (trying to summarize from issues
linked above, and links therein):

1. Remove index argument
2. Out always a tuple
3. Let ndarray have a __numpy_ufunc__ stub, so one can super it.

Here, the first item implied a possible name change (to
__array_ufunc__); if that's too troublesome, I don't think it really
hurts to have the argument, though it is somewhat "unclean" for the
case that only the output has __numpy_ufunc__.

All the best,


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