[Numpy-discussion] F2PY problems with PGI compilers

Jeff Layton laytonjb at att.net
Mon Aug 14 10:19:46 EDT 2017

On 08/14/2017 03:51 AM, Ralf Gommers wrote:
>     I'm definitely at a lose here. I have no idea how to make F2PY
>     work with the PGI compilers. I'm beginning to think F2PY is
>     completely borked unless you use the defaults (gcc).
> That's not the case. Here is an example when using the Intel Fortran 
> compiler together with either MSVC or Intel C compilers: 
> https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/building-numpyscipy-with-intel-mkl-and-intel-fortran-on-windows
> I notice there that in all cases the C compiler is explicitly 
> specified. Did you also try ``--compiler=gcc --fcompiler=pg``?
> Also, I'm not sure how often this is done with f2py directly; I've 
> only ever used the --fcompiler flag via ``python setup.py config 
> --fcompiler=..<etc>``, invoking f2py under the hood. It could be that 
> doing this directly is indeed broken (or was never supported in the 
> first place).
> Ralf

Point taken. I don't use Windows too much and I don't use the Intel 
compiler any more (it's not free for non-commercial use :)  ).

I tried using "--compiler=gcc --fcompiler=pg" and I get the same answer 
at the very end.

running build_ext
error: don't know how to compile C/C++ code on platform 'posix' with 
'gcc' compiler

Good point about f2py. I'm using the Anaconda distribution of f2py and 
that may have limitations with respect to the PGI compiler. I may 
download the f2py source and build it to include PGI support. Maybe that 
will fix the problem.



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