[Numpy-discussion] selecting all 2-d slices out of n-dimensional array

Moroney, Catherine M (398E) Catherine.M.Moroney at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Aug 29 21:03:55 EDT 2017


I have an n-dimensional array (say (4,4,2,2)) and I wish to automatically extract all the (4,4) slices in it.

a = numpy.arange(0, 64).reshape(4,4,2,2)
slice1 = a[..., 0, 0]
slice2 = a[..., 0, 1]
slice3 = a[..., 1, 0]
slice4 = a[..., 1,1]

Simple enough example but in my case array “a” will have unknown rank and size.  All I know is that it will have more than 2 dimensions, but I don’t know ahead of time how many dimensions or what the size of those dimensions are.

What is the best way of tackling this problem without writing a whole bunch of if-then cases depending on what the rank and shape of a is?  Is there a one-size-fits-all solution?

I’m using python 2.7 and numpy 1.8.2

Thanks for any advice,

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