[Numpy-discussion] NEP process update

Jarrod Millman millman at berkeley.edu
Tue Dec 5 18:31:42 EST 2017

Hi all,

Since we expect to be writing some NEPs in the near future, Nathaniel
and I were looking at how they're organized, and realized that the
process is a bit underspecified and it's a hard to tell the status of

So I'm thinking of putting together some better tools and
documentation, and wanted to get some quick feedback before I
runoff in the wrong direction.

The goal is not to add a ton of new process, but to better document the current
process.  I would also like to add a little additional structure to make it
easier to understand the process for new contributors and to make the status
of NEPS easier to understand.

After reviewing the existing system, looking at how other projects do
this, and discussing this with Nathaniel, I tentatively plan to work
on the following:

1. Standardize the NEP metadata (e.g., whether they're
2. Write a NEP to explain the purpose and process (think PEP 1)
3. Create a NEP template (think PEP 12)
4. Add metadata to old NEPs
5. Automate updating the NEP website and autogenerating the index
   based on the NEP metadata.

Nathaniel and I have already started discussing some of these items
and would love to get some feedback soon.

Assuming that sounds good, my tentative next steps are:

- I'll draft a purpose and process NEP based on PEP 1 and a few other projects.
- I'll also create a draft NEP template.
- I'll move the NEPs into their own repo (something like numpy/neps),
  and set up an automated system (RTD or Github pages) to
  render and publish them with some useful index.

Does this seem like a reasonable way to start?

Best regards,

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