[Numpy-discussion] record data previous to Numpy use

paul.carrico at free.fr paul.carrico at free.fr
Thu Jul 6 13:55:22 EDT 2017

Thanks all for your advices 

Well many thing to look for, but it's obvious now  that I've first to
work on (better) strategy than the one I was thinking previously (i.e.
load all the files and results in one step). 

It's is just a reflexion, but for huge files one solution might be to
split/write/build first the array in a dedicated file (2x o(n)
iterations - one to identify the blocks size - additional one to get and
write), and then to load it in memory and work with numpy - at this
stage the dimension is known and some packages will be fast and more
adapted (pandas or astropy as suggested). 

Thanks all for your time and help 

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