[Numpy-discussion] pytest and degrees of separation.

Sebastian Berg sebastian at sipsolutions.net
Tue Jul 11 17:21:54 EDT 2017

On Tue, 2017-07-11 at 14:49 -0600, Charles R Harris wrote:
> Hi All,
> Just looking for opinions and feedback on the need to keep NumPy from
> having a hard nose/pytest dependency. The options as I see them are:
> pytest is never imported until the tests are run -- current practice
> with nose
> pytest is never imported unless the testfiles are imported -- what I
> would like 
> pytest is imported together when numpy is -- what we need to avoid.
> Currently the approach has been 1), but I think 2) makes more sense
> and allows more flexibility.

I am not quite sure about everything here. My guess is we can do
whatever we want when it comes to our own tests, and I don't mind just
switching everything to pytest (I for one am happy as long as I can run
`runtests.py` ;)).
When it comes to the utils we provide, those should keep working
without nose/pytest if they worked before without it I think.

My guess is that all your options do that, so I think we should take
the one that gives the nicest maintainable code :). Though can't say I
looked enough into it to really make a well educated decision, that
probably means your option 2.

- Sebastian

> Thoughts?
> Chuck
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