[Numpy-discussion] ENH: ratio function to mimic diff

Nathaniel Smith njs at pobox.com
Sat Jul 29 12:54:18 EDT 2017

I'd also like to see a more detailed motivation for this.

And, if it is useful, then that would make 3 operations that have special
case pairwise moving window variants (subtract, floor_divide, true_divide).
3 is a lot of special cases. Should there instead be a generic mechanism
for doing this for arbitrary binary operations?


On Jul 28, 2017 3:25 PM, "Joseph Fox-Rabinovitz" <jfoxrabinovitz at gmail.com>

> I have created PR#9481 to introduce a `ratio` function that behaves very
> similarly to `diff`, except that it divides successive elements instead of
> subtracting them. It has some handling built in for zero division, as well
> as the ability to select between `/` and `//` operators.
> There is currently no masked version. Perhaps someone could suggest a
> simple mechanism for hooking np.ma.true_divide and np.ma.floor_divide in as
> the operators instead of the regular np.* versions.
> Please let me know your thoughts.
> Regards,
>     -Joe
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