[Numpy-discussion] : Boolean binary '-' operator

Alan Isaac alan.isaac at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 19:58:10 EDT 2017

On 6/27/2017 5:35 PM, Nathaniel Smith wrote:
> I remember... The major issue here is that some people want dot(a, b) on Boolean matrices to use these semantics, right?

Yes; this has worked in the past, and loss of this functionality is unexpected.

That said, I haven't used this outside of a teaching context,
so for me it only affects some course notes.

I suppose loss of this behavior could be somewhat mitigated
if numpy could provide an optimized general inner product
(along the line of the Wolfram Language's `Inner`).  But note
that numpy.linalg.matrix_power is also lost (e.g., the derived
graphs that allow an intuitive representation of transitive closure).


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