[Numpy-discussion] Structured array creation with list of lists and others

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Hi Kirill,

he idea is that each tuple assigns a name to the field and a data type.
There are a variety of ways to create structured arrays but they all
involve giving both a name and data type to each field (I think).  See


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> Subject: [Numpy-discussion] Structured array creation with list of lists
and others
> It was the first time I tried to create a structured array in numpy.
Usually I use pandas for heterogeneous arrays, but it is one more
dependency to my project.
> It took me some time (really, much more than some), to understand the
problem with structured array creation. As example:
> I had list of list of this kind:
> b=[[ 1, 10.3, 12.1, 2.12 ],...]
> And tried:
> np.array(b, dtype='i4,f4,f4,f4')
> Which raises some weird exception:
> TypeError: a bytes-like object is required, not 'int'
> Two hours later I found that I need list of tuples. I didn't find any
help in documentation and could not realize that the problem with the inner
> Why there is such restriction - 'list of tuples' to create structured
array? What is the idea behind that, why not list of lists, or tuple of
lists or ...?
> Also the exception does not help at all...
> p.s.: It looks like that dtype also accepts only list of tuples. But I
can not catch the idea for this restrictions.

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